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Civil Records

Civil records are often incomplete and very difficult to acquire. The Cuban Civil Registry was not in effect until the 1880's but the differing provinces established this practice at different rates.  For records prior to the 1880's, you need to use Eclesiastical records.
Use CubaGenWeb's Cuban Addresses and Telephone Numbers for guidance. You will need to click on the current province of interest (on the left menu) and then you will see the civil registries for each municipality within that province. 

La Habana Province
These documents were kindly donated to the CGC by Alberto Martinez-Ramos. We are very grateful for his generosity and willingness to share such valuable information with us!
Estos documentos fueron donados al CGC generosamente por Alberto Martinez-Ramos.  ¡Estamos muy agradecidos por su generosidad y su voluntad de compartir tan valiosa información con nosotros!

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 (then click on "CIVIL REGISTRY" on the left menu bar)